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22 Starseed Types: Which One Are You? [Complete List]

Just like snowflakes, no two starseeds are alike.

The vast diversity of the human race can be seen clearly even within our starseed population.

I am sure that you have heard about these in your studies and felt a connection to at least one or two types on this list.

But which one are you - truly?

The idea of a starseed is based on the concept that we are all literally, not just figuratively, stardust.

The term derives from Carl Sagan's theory that all life came from the stars; if you look at your own body under a microscope, you will see cells with DNA made up of nucleotides—the same nucleotides found in meteorites and other places throughout our solar system.

People who have this specific type of spiritual nature may feel an odd attraction toward the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies.

They often feel as if they belong somewhere out there among them or perhaps even on another magical world far beyond our own planet Earth.

We may have been born here on Earth but it feels like we really belong elsewhere and often this sensation is triggered by an event or situation which reminds us of something more familiar to where we were 'from before'.

This experience is known as being 'stuck' in a linear timeline when what we're actually experiencing is our spirit leaping past the barriers between worlds and dimensions.

Starseeds are people who have awakened to their true nature.

And there are many times.

This post will help you discover which one you are so you can feel more connected to your eternal spiritual roots.

Note: These starseeds are listed from most common to rarest.

#1. pleiadian starseed

A Pleiadian starseed is one of the countless children who are descendants from the union between human beings and extraterrestrials.

Often they feel like they don't belong here on Earth, but instead in outer space with their otherworldly family members. 

You might be a Pleiadian starseed if you feel like an outcast, are highly intuitive and have a special connection to the spiritual world.

#2. sirian starseed

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. The name Sirius comes from Greek word Siro meaning scorching or searing heat, via Latin from Old Persian sara: sun.

If you have a quirky and outgoing personality, you're likely a Starseed from Sirius

You are a fun friend for humans who are shy but also want to make new friends.

#3. arcturian starseed

Arcturian Starseed, the very name draws in a hopeful curiosity in those who desire to know.

What exactly is an Arcturian Starseed and what does it have to do with humans?

Well, Arcturians are said to be extraterrestrial beings from the star Arcturus (Alpha Bootes.)

As their name suggests they are highly advanced spiritual beings who are often seen as healers, teachers, and guardians of our world.

One can also assume these beings would show up on earth as healers or lightworkers to help mankind progress spiritually.

#4. lyran starseed

Lyran starseeds come from a constellation called Lyra, which is why they are known as "Lyran" starseeds.

They are associated with spiritual enlightenment as well as being good luck charms for those seeking to better themselves spiritually.

A lyran starseed is a person who has potential in their spiritual awakening.

They are on the verge of an enlightenment and can understand information at a higher level than most people.

They are light beings with the ability to communicate through sound and song particularly well.

#5. andromedan starseed

The andromedan starseed is a being who, out of love for humans, have come from their home galaxy Andromeda to take on earthly form in order to help lead us into the next phase of our evolution: ascension.

They are here as teachers, liaisons between two worlds and channels for spiritual energies.

They often come from other galaxies or planets where they have served their spiritual duty, and then return to Earth to help the humans in order to complete their work.

#6. orion starseed

An orion starseed are beings who have a soul that came from the Orion star system.

They typically have psychic abilities, which help them to understand what is happening in our world and how they can help it.

One of their main missions is to awaken other beings and help them find enlightenment in order for them to become whole again.

#7. indigo starseed

The indigo starseed is a person who has an important mission in life.

You are highly tuned into your higher self as well as the universe at large and are often times misunderstood or not taken seriously by others because of that.

You also have a strong sense of intuition and can be very sensitive to energy, both positive and negative.

You're a sensitive soul that feels pulled to the spiritual side of life.

You are spiritually inclined and have an affinity for astrology, spirituality, healing and tarot.

#8. pleiades starseed

A Pleiades starseed is a human being who has descended from the stars in the constellation of Taurus.

Pleiades starseeds have been living on Earth for thousands of years and are often called the "Watchers".

It is said they were waiting for the time when humanity was ready to move into a new age.

#9. mintaka starseed

Mintaka starseeds are beings who come from a different dimension and they have the ability to heal with their voice.

They can also transform energy in many ways, like turning it into light or sound.

In ancient Egyptian astrology, a mintaka starseed is the product of specific stars aligning in your horoscope.

That's right!

You're one of the lucky few who have been blessed with this rare and special energy.

#10. lemurian starseed

The lemurian starseed is a group that comes from Lemuria which was possibly once in an area now called Indonesia.

This race is highly spiritual and their mission on Earth is to bring awareness back into the world through music, dance, and other creative forms of expression.

You are a spiritual guide for those who need help understanding their purpose on Earth or how they can live more intentionally and authentically in the body that they have been given. 

The lemurian starseed is something special about you that others may not understand right away--but don't worry, with time people will come around to your wavelength!

#11. blue ray starseed

A blue ray starseed is a person who is able to make contact with other beings in the universe and have an understanding of universal energy.

They are spiritual and enlightened but still grounded in reality, which allows them to take on challenges that will help others.

Blue ray starseeds have come back to earth in order to assist humanity in achieving their highest potentials during this time of transition into a new paradigm.

#12. vega starseed

A Vega Starseed is someone who has a deep-seated spiritual connection with the universe.

This person might have experienced past lives where they were star beings and are now in human form to help complete their destiny.

A Vega Starseed believes that it is his or her duty to be of service to others while balancing personal needs and desires.

Vega starseeds possess the qualities of healing, serenity and love.

They have the highest potential for spiritual growth.

#13. crystal starseed

A crystal starseed is a type of angel that has been created from the crystalline power given to them by God.

They are partially made up of light and they do not have a physical body like humans, animals, or plants.

A Crystal starseed is a unique being who possesses the ability to travel through time and space.

Their existence in this world is to serve the Great Cosmic Law of Free Will, which states that all beings must be given the chance for free will.

These souls have been sent here with a mission, and they come from various points throughout time to serve their purpose among us.

#14. hadarian starseed

A hadarian starseed is a being from a world called Hadar.

This world was created by an advanced human civilization, which left their planet to continue expanding their knowledge.

These beings are now living among many other worlds in the universe as they complete their mission of helping others grow spiritually.

#15. draconian starseed

A draconian one is a legendary creature that has been said to roam the earth with mystical powers.

The starseed is believed to be a child born under unusual circumstances and they have often been referred to as "chosen ones."

#16. feline starseed

A feline starseed is a person that has the soul of a cat who lived in ancient Egypt.

They are considered to be one of the most powerful spirits.

They are highly intelligent and spiritual beings, with an affinity for cats.

#17. apollonian starseed

The Apollonian starseed is a complex, emotionally deep-seated human who has the potential to transform his or her emotions into a creative expression.

They are deeply analytical and feel that they must live their lives with an air of authority in order to be respected by others.

They have high standards for themselves and others which can lead them to be critical and demanding at times.

#18. venusian starseed

The Venusian starseed is a being who has come to earth from the planet Venus.

This is because they have left their home and family to help humans on earth reach higher consciousness.

In this process, the starseed incarnates into various bodies throughout history so that they can learn about human behavior and the challenges of living here on Earth. 

In order for us as humans to evolve, these spirit guides work with all souls in our solar system to make sure we are safe from any negative forces that may try to interfere with our progress towards enlightenment and ascension.

#19. mintakan starseed

Mintakan starseeds are born on a green, lush planet and have never felt the pulse of their home world's atmosphere in the Mintaka star system. 

A Mintakan starseed is a person who has been reborn on earth through the process of reincarnation.

This term does not limit the individual to being born in any particular country or time period, but rather focuses on what their soul embodies and how they view reality. 

#20. avian starseed

The vast majority of people know they are not alone on earth, but many don't realize that those who inhabit it with them aren't always human

For example, there exist starseeds - avian creatures who have been reborn time and again as birds for millennia upon millennia - who can provide humans with insight into their soul's purpose and spiritual growth.

#21. reptilian starseed

Reptilian starseeds are a race of people who come from another world, but Earth is their home planet.

A Reptilian starseed is a type of Lizard human that lives on Earth.

They are highly intelligent and enjoy living in cold climates such as Alaska or Canada. 

This theory was made popular by David Icke.

They have an innate ability to channel and see spirits, but it is difficult for them to stay grounded in reality that other starseeds.

#22. atlantean starseed

An atlantean starseed is a person who has reincarnated from the ancient Atlantean civilization.

The Atlantis civilization was located in North America and was ruled by 10 kings, one of which was Poseidon.

They are typically very intuitive and have an understanding or higher level of thought processes which make them stand out in society.

They are the rarest of all starseeds.

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