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What Is A Lightworker Empath? [Plus 5 Unique Traits]

Are you a lightworker empath?

The term “lightworker” is used to describe someone who has the ability to bring spiritual energy into this world.

Lightworkers are healers, teachers and guides for humanity.

They are here on earth to help raise consciousness and assist others in their own awakening process.

If you have a profound feeling like there is more to life than what meets the eye, then chances are that you might be a lightworker empath!

It can be difficult at times knowing if we fit into this category or not because it's hard to define exactly what being a lightworker means.

Lightworker empaths are those who have a strong connection to the spirit realm.

They often feel like they do not belong in our world and are here for some other purpose than just living day by day.

Many lightworker empaths experience vivid dreams or even nightmares that indicate they need to be where their soul intends them to be.

Lightworker empaths are people who possess the ability to channel their emotions into a form of healing energy.

This is done with the intent to improve the lives of others, but it also has a powerful effect on one’s own wellbeing.

A lightworker empath is also someone that channels positive energy from the universe and relays it to people who need it in order to heal their emotional wounds.

Many of these people are also psychic mediums, meaning they can sense information about past or future events by communicating with spirits (either deceased or living).

Some psychics only channel information about a certain person’s life lived on Earth; whereas others may receive messages from those stuck between dimensions, called spirit guides.

lightworker vs empath

The terms lightworker and empath are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings.

A Lightworker is a person who performs supernatural tasks using their abilities to connect with the divine.

They may also use these gifts to help others, as well as themselves.

An Empath is someone who has an innate ability to sense other people’s emotions or feelings without having any type of contact with them...

An example is the clairvoyant empath.

In ancient times, having the gift of clairvoyance was very important.

People would turn to clairvoyants for help with their problems and needs.

In modern society, we have replaced metaphysicians with psychologists as well as psychiatrists in addressing mental health issues and behavioral patterns that are not normal.

From a metaphysical standpoint, however, psychic ability is still useful even when it comes to emotional health or mental wellness.

Many people who consider themselves lightworkers or empaths fall into both categories but at different levels depending on what they do.

lightworker Empath traits

1. You are a natural healer 
2. You have the ability to see into other people's lives and know what they need 
3. You feel like you are on an important spiritual mission in life 
4. Your intuition is strong
5. You love being around nature, animals, children, or anyone who needs healing energy

#1. you are a natural healer

Lightworker empaths are those gifted with the ability to heal others.

They are typically natural healers who possess healing abilities from birth but some can develop these skills later in life.

Part of their mission is to help people overcome their problems and find peace so they can live a healthy and prosperous life.

#2. You have the ability to see into other people's lives and know what they need

Lightworkers empaths have the ability to see into someone else's life and know exactly what they need in order to heal.

This is because of an empathetic link that forms between the two people when they first meet.

When this happens, a safe space for healing is created as lightworkers open up their heart and emit empathy towards the other person

#3. You feel like you are on an important spiritual mission in life

Lightworkers empaths feel like they are on an important spiritual mission in life, as though they were placed here during this time to heal those around them.

They feel as though they have a duty to use their inner light for the good of humanity.

They are often called to heal or help in some way, whether through prayer or by volunteering at a food pantry.

If empowered, they have the ability to sense what people need before it's even asked for which makes them confident about their self-worth and the love that surrounds them from family and friends.

#4. Your intuition is strong

Lightworkers empaths are people who can tap into their intuition.

These types of intuitive feelings can be so strong that it feels like you're experiencing something at present, but you don't yet know how or why.

#5. You love being around nature, animals, children, or anyone who needs healing energy

Lightworkers empaths are committed to providing healing energy to others by being around nature or working with animals.

Some spend their lives in service of children and those who need a brighter future, while others work as healers for people on the verge of death.

Lightworkers empaths are at peace when they're doing what they love: helping people feel better about themselves and their lives, whether that's through caring for our environment or teaching kids how to care for theirs.

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