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10 Empath Types: Which One Are YOU? [Defininitive Guide]

If you are an empath or know someone who is, then you probably have come across the different types of empaths. 

There seem to be so many out there and people want to know what type they are. 

If this sounds like you, don’t worry because I have a list of 10 types for you! 

"What kind of empath am I?" 

Read on and find out… 

what is an empath?

Imagine meeting a person who has the ability to feel your emotions, as if they were their own.

When you are happy, so is this person. When you are feeling down, they feel heavy and sad.

They live in two worlds: theirs and yours.

This is what it means to be an empath or someone with empathy for others' emotional states of being.

An empath is someone who not only feels what other people feel but also understands them on a very deep level because of that bond between the two parties involved.

These individuals can tap into the deepest thoughts and feelings of those around them making them natural healers and counselors

what is empathy?

Empathy is the ability to understand, know how someone else feels.

It's a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Some people may think this is just feeling sorry for another person but it goes deeper than that.

To me, empathy means being able to relate with someone when they're going through something very hard in their life because you've been there before and you know what it feels like.

Empathy helps build trust between two people no matter who they are or where they come from.

are you an empath?

Do you feel your moods change when in the company of others?

Do you find yourself feeling drained after periods with other people, even if it was a rewarding interaction?

Do you ever have physical reactions to emotional responses such as crying or anger?

If so, then chances are good that you're an empath!

You are likely an empath if you have the following traits:

You're more interested in how people feel about themselves than what they do.

You've been called "too sensitive," and it's often said that you take things too personally.

You always seem to know how someone feels before they tell you.

You feel intense emotions at the same time as others around you, but not just from your own experiences.

Now that you know if you’re an empath, it’s time to decode what type of empath you are!

NOTE: It is possible to be more than one type.

types of empaths

There's more than one type of empath: intuitives can pick up on thoughts you're having but haven't said out loud yet.

Physicals can sense where your physical pain is located without touching you.

And emotionals use empathy for others in order to make connections with them.

With that said, let's explore the 10 types of empaths in more detail.

#1. heyoka empath

Heyoka meaning

Heyoka comes from the Lakota Sioux language and is considered to be a sacred word.

The meaning of this word is hard to translate but it could come across as "enigmatic" or "contrary." 

In traditional Native American culture, there are many mythical beings who appear in different forms.

One such creature was known as the Heyoka which would disguise themselves so well that they could fool even other spirits and gods into thinking they were them!

what is a Heyoka empath

The Heyoka empath is a Native American spiritual teacher who has the ability to tap into two different worlds, one of light and one of darkness.

They are able to shift between worlds as they please, flipping from laughter to anger at any given moment.

Heyoka empaths can also use their powers of empathy to heal others by participating in their emotional state.

heyoka empath traits

⦿ They are very perceptive and intuitive 
⦿ They have a deep understanding of the human condition 
⦿ They can see things from many different perspectives at once 
⦿ They have an innate sense for when people are lying or telling the truth

#2. Psychic empath

Psychic meaning

A psychic is often a person who can read the future through their mind.

They have certain abilities that enable them to see what's happening away from them, and even other people's thoughts or feelings.

They might also be able to tap into information previously unknown, such as spirit messages, which can help provide guidance for those living on Earth in our present time.

A psychic usually has an empathic connection with others; it’s this instinctive ability that helps them understand what another person needs and wants.

what is a Psychic empath?

There are many types of empathy, but one that is usually discussed and studied more than others is Psychic Empathy.

This form of empathy means the individual can feel what others are feeling, sometimes even if they're not physically present.

A Psychic empath is someone who has the ability to send and receive information from an individual’s energy field.

This may sound strange, but it's actually a very real thing!

Psychic empath traits

⦿ Sensitivity to moods and emotions of others 
⦿ Intuitive knowing 
⦿ Empathy for the suffering of others 
⦿ Ability to sense what is happening in other places or times

#3. highly intuitive empath

what is intuition?

Intuition is an internal sense of knowing that guides you through your decision-making process and helps you understand new concepts without rationalization or explanation.

Intuition is a way of understanding the world that comes from deep within.

It's not always easy to access and can be hard to explain, but it has led many people down unexpected paths in their lives as they grew.

what is an intuitive empath?

To start with, empathy means that someone can understand and share the feelings of another person or animal.

It's not quite as deep as intuition but still good to have in your repertoire of skills as a human.

An intuitive empath goes one step further on this concept by feeling what others are feeling within themselves and then translating those emotions onto the other person so they know how they feel too.

This skill takes some practice but once mastered can be life-changing for everyone involved!

intuitive empath traits

⦿ Intuitive empaths are sensitive to the energy of other people and animals 
⦿ They can sense when someone is about to have a bad day, or if they're feeling unwell 
⦿ Intuitive empaths often feel like they know what's going on in another person's life even though they don't know them well 
⦿ Intuitive empaths may feel drained after spending time with people who are angry, depressed or anxious, but energized by those who are happy and positive

#4. spiritual empath

what is spirituality?

Spirituality can be defined as an individual’s sense of morality or ethics and their relationship with the divine.

Religion does not need to be involved in this definition at all.

What is more important than anything else is dealing with oneself on an emotional level and understanding one's own emotions and how they affect others around them.

The goal should be to explore spirituality by examining each person's personal experience for meaning, instead of trying to find rules from without.

It may sound daunting at first glance, but exploring your own spiritual beliefs will help you grow as a person and also provide guidance throughout life challenges when there are no clear answers or solutions available.

what is a spiritual empath?

A spiritual empath is someone with an ability to communicate without words - through energy. 

It feels like a form of intuition that enables them to understand what others need, want, or hope for.

This understanding doesn't always require touch; it's possible to read another person simply by being close enough to them or spending time with them in conversation.

spiritual empath traits

⦿ Knowing when someone is feeling sad or upset 
⦿ Feeling the same emotions as other people, even if you don't know them personally 
⦿ Being able to sense things that others can't see or feel 
⦿ Having a strong desire to help those who are suffering

#5. iNFJ (introvert) Empath

what is introversion?

Introversion is a personality trait where the individual prefers solitude over socializing.

Sometimes this can take the form of needing time away from others after spending time with them, wanting some alone time in order to process thoughts and ideas before talking about them with someone else, or just being drained by too much interaction with other people.

It's important for these individuals to notice when they're feeling low because it may be an indication that they need a break - either from people around them or their own minds!

what is an iNFJ Personality?

A rarely seen type of person, the INFJ has several unique qualities that most people cannot comprehend.

These individuals are usually quite reserved or introverted but when you do speak with them, you will find out that they are deep thinkers who hold values very close to their heart and make decisions based on how it will affect other people around them.

what is an INFJ empath?

You may be an INFJ empath if you are introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging.

You are a rare breed of personality that is considered to be one of the most sensitive types.

Your empathy allows you to feel other people's pain as your own.

It can also cause feelings of guilt when they fail to apologize for hurting others' feelings or when they hurt themselves with careless behavior.

You are often able to tell what someone is thinking just by looking at them intently in their eyes for a few moments.

People will open up their deepest secrets and thoughts entirely to you because they know that you understand them better than anyone else possibly could.

Introverted empath traits

⦿ Introverted Empaths are sensitive to the emotions of others 
⦿ They can feel what others are feeling and it is often overwhelming for them 
⦿ They can sense when someone is lying or not telling the whole truth 
⦿ Introverted Empaths have a natural ability to empathize with people who need help, but they may struggle with how to help them

#6. physical empath

physical vs metaphysical

The term "physical" refers to something that is tangible or material, while "metaphysical" refers to intangible or spiritual things.

In this sense, physicality and metaphysicality are opposites because they represent opposite poles on a spectrum of experience.

Yet both terms can be applied to one concept when talking about it from different perspectives.

For example, a person's health status might be described as being either physically healthy or metaphysically healthy based on aspects of their wellness.

what is a physical empath?

A physical empath is someone who has an innate ability to experience the physical or emotional feelings of others.

They are said to have a psychic connection with other people and animals.

This makes it hard for them because they feel all of the negativity and pain that other people go through.

It can be mentally draining for them on top of being physically taxing as well. The most common symptoms are fatigue or muscle tension.

physical empath traits

⦿ You are sensitive to the physical environment 
⦿ You have a keen sense of smell 
⦿ Your body temperature fluctuates more than most people's, and you may be either cold or hot all the time 
⦿ You notice changes in your mood when you eat certain foods, even if they don't affect other people as much

#7. claircognizant empath

claircognizant meaning

Claircognizant means to have the ability to know future events.

Claircognizant is a word that can be used in two different ways, depending on how it is spelled. 

One way has the meaning of "to have the ability to know future events."

This type of claircognizance could come from intuition or some other form of premonition.

The other spelling creates an adjective that describes someone who has knowledge about color and its shades, tints, and tones.

what is a claircognizant empath?

Have you ever had a dream, and then the next day knew something else was going to happen? Clinically, these are called precognitive dreams.

Claircognizant empaths get their name from clairvoyance (clear seeing) as well as empathy (putting themselves in other people's shoes).

So what does this have to do with predicting an outcome or event?

A person who can both see into the future through psychic abilities such as clairvoyance but also feel emotions inside themselves are known as a Claircognizant Empath.

They use all of these skills

claircognizant empath traits

⦿ Claircognizant empaths are highly intuitive 
⦿ They can sense the emotions of others and feel what they're feeling 
⦿ They have a deep understanding of people and their motivations 
⦿ Claircognizant empaths are good listeners because they understand where someone is coming from, even if they don't agree with them 
⦿ Claircognizant empaths often have a nature that makes it difficult for them to see people suffer or be in pain without wanting to help

#8. animal empath

what is an animal empath?

Animal empaths are people who feel the emotions of animals and sometimes, humans.

They are also able to sense the physical body sensations such as pain, hunger, or discomfort in other sentient beings.

Animal empaths can often tell what an animal is feeling by looking at its eyes and observing their behavior.

animal empath traits

⦿ Animal empaths are sensitive to the emotions of animals 
⦿ They can sense what an animal is feeling or thinking just by being around them 
⦿ Animal empaths often have a deep connection with their pets and other animals in their lives 
⦿ Some animal empaths may be able to communicate telepathically with animals, while others may not be able to do so but still feel very connected to them

#9. plant empath

what is a plant empath?

A plant empath is someone who can feel the emotions of plants.

They are able to distinguish between feeling happy and feeling sad in some way that would be different from a human.

They also might notice signs that new growth is about to come or has already arrived.

plant empath traits

⦿ Plant empaths are able to sense the emotions of plants 
⦿ They can also communicate with them by talking or singing to them 
⦿ Plant empaths believe that plants have feelings and experience pain just like humans do 
⦿ The plant empath's abilities come from their sensitivity to nature, which is why they're often found in forests or gardens enjoying the fresh air

#10. intellectual empath

what is Intellectualism?

While it may seem like a simple question, the answer requires some thought and exploration.

For starters, while it is widely agreed that people are not all the same in terms of their ability to think and comprehend things, there is no “one-size-fits all” definition as to what constitutes an intellectual.

There are some researchers who argue that one of the key qualities of intelligence includes an increase in mental complexity; this could be considered analogous to someone who has an IQ over 130 points or higher.

what is an Intellectual Empath?

Intellectual empaths are only a small percentage of the population and can be found in males, females, introverts and extroverts.

They often have very high IQ's and therefore they can understand emotions more vividly than others.

If you find someone who seems to know what you're thinking without any words being said or facial expression change then that person might just be an intellectual empath.

Intellectual empath traits

⦿ The intellectual empath is introspective and reflective 
⦿ They are often very sensitive to the feelings of others 
⦿ They may have an interest in philosophy, spirituality, or psychology 
⦿ Intellectual empaths are highly intuitive and empathetic people who can read other people's emotions easily


There are many different types of empaths, and each one is a little bit different from the next.

You might meet an empath who knows exactly what you need just by looking at your face or observing your behaviors, while other empaths can be sensitive to their surroundings, picking up on others' energies.

Some people have both traits.

Other types of empathy include kinesthetic empathy, which means that they feel someone else's pain as if it were their own; aesthetic empathy, where they see the beauty in things like art and nature; intellectual empathy where they try to understand another person through logic; social empathy when they read people’s feelings and needs based on facial expressions or body language; emotional empathy when they pick up on peoples feelings.

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