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Divine Masculine: Everything You Need To Know

The Divine Masculine is a popular topic in New Age circles. 

The actual definition of this term, however, is vague and often confused with the concept of the masculine gender. 

In reality, there are several different types of divine masculine that one can be or identify as. 

Let’s take a deeper like at what divine masculinity is so you can understand how to awaken your own divine masculine energy. 

The divine masculine is the embodiment of bravery, freedom, and potential.

It is in charge of the imagination and, in part, defines what it means to be a man or woman. 

The divine masculine strives for truth while holding on to its integrity.

The Divine Masculine is a spiritual force that exists in every life form on Earth; it lives inside all living beings as its own unique entity- from animals to plants to humans to stars.

The Divine Masculine has been around since the dawn of time when our ancestors hunted for food with lethal weapons such as bows and arrows or spears; it was present when we created bustling villages around ancient watering holes; it was there at the birth of agriculture ten thousand years ago; and it's still here today when we use advanced technology to build our cities and connect with others.

The divine masculine also represents the force of life, fertility, reproduction in all its forms.

The “masculine” manifests as a force that seeks to create new life while also caring for those already here.

It also promotes value for diversity as seen in nature where every species has its own unique identifier which makes them resistant to change or extinction.

What are divine masculine qualities?

  • Protectiveness 
  • Courage
  • Honesty and integrity
  • The ability to be a provider 
  • Strength
  • Self-sacrifice for the sake of others
  • Self-respect 
  • Wisdom 
  • Compassion

Divine Masculine vs divine feminine

The divine masculine and the divine feminine are two different forces in nature that work together to create harmony.

The divine masculine is the force of power, action, go-gettingness.

The divine feminine is more about nurturing, love and support.

They’ve been linked to many cultures as a balance between two opposing but complementary energies.

Can a woman be divine masculine?

It is important for us to understand that we are all divine beings with the capacity of being a Divine Masculine.

The way in which we can be this is by staying in alignment with our true selves, and letting go of the need to please others.

We must stop listening to what other people think about who we should be and start listening to ourselves.

This will allow us to cultivate courage, take risks, and show up fully as who we are meant to be. 

The most significant component in order for women to become divine masculine energy is their ability not only to know but also embody themselves without external validation from outside sources like family or friends.

When a woman starts her own dialogue with herself she allows her inner voice to speak louder.

The divine masculine is not a new concept, but it has been gaining traction in women's circles lately.

The qualities of the spiritual are often associated with feminine qualities such as nurturing, empathy and intuition. 

In order to be more like their male counterparts spiritually, Women should focus on cultivating these traits.

Ways that they can do this include working on their self-esteem through empowering themselves and by avoiding toxic relationships so that they can better stay true to themselves in all situations.

How do you honor the divine masculine?

Find your balance by honoring both your feminine and masculine energies.

Find a way to stay grounded, be open-minded, and have confidence through meditation or yoga.

Seek wisdom from other great teachers who have done the same thing before you. Wear clothes that allow yourself to feel powerful in your energy while still being able to explore the world as an adventurous human being.

The divine masculine is the God-like force in the universe that gives it balance.

Honoring him can be done by living a life of service to others with your body, mind, and spirit.

What happens when the divine masculine awakens?

When the divine masculine awakens, something is triggered in a person. 

This feeling or emotion is hard to describe but it can be felt by others all around you.

You may feel empowered and strong as if everything you do will make a difference now.

It's not about reaching people pleasing goals anymore because they have become irrelevant; what matters now is just being present and doing what you can with what little time we have on this earth.

As the Divine Masculine awakens, we know that our world will change.

However, what exactly does a change in our collective consciousness look like?

Let's explore just a few of the many ways that may happen with this awakening. 

Misogynistic structures are dismantled as patriarchy is no longer sustainable if it continues to rely on female oppression for its strength; A paradigm shift occurs where people start being more truthful with each other without fear of punishment or retribution; Negative emotions such as anger and resentment will dissipate because they have served their purpose and now there is nothing left but peace to fill us up instead.

Male divine masculines purpose

The divine masculine purpose is to protect the earth and its inhabitants from harm.

As a spiritual male, your fundamental role in life is to be a protector of your family.

This includes protecting them from physical harm, emotional pain, and worldly distractions.

The divine masculine's role can also include providing for their family, being there for them when they need him – emotionally or physically – and developing healthy boundaries that allow him to set up clear guidelines for himself as well as his family.

divine masculine vulnerability

The divine masculine is at its most vulnerable when it's in love.

Every man has a deep and secret place inside them where they are both the strongest and weakest of all, where they feel complete and incomplete. When he finds his partner for life, she fills up that emptiness with her love.

It may be difficult to understand this from a woman's perspective as we have been taught to put our own needs aside for others' happiness but when you find your other half who does the same thing for you, it can make life joyous and beautiful.

The more we are able to access our divine masculine vulnerability the more we will be able to reach a state of transcendence.

If you think about it, when we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and open up to others, this is what enables us to become most in touch with the spiritual plane.

How do you know if someone is your divine masculine?

Have you ever suddenly experienced the feeling that everything is going to be alright? Have you found yourself letting go of worry?

Did someone come into your life who introduced a new perspective on life that made it so much easier and more fulfilling?

If these are things in which you can relate, then chances are this person is your divine masculine. He may even have already been there all along...

The divine masculine is strong, assertive, protective and confident.

He doesn't easily get into conflicts or arguments with others and he treats his partner like a queen.

The divine masculine is the side of your personality that loves deeply, fiercely protects you for all time, guides you to your best life possible and adores you in every way.

The divine feminine is soft, intuitive and nurturing; she knows what it takes to make her man thrive.

What is divine masculine twin flame?

The essence of what defines a divine masculine twin flame can be understood by understanding that it has two elements: The feminine and the masculine.

It's when these two polarities meet, they create balance - which then allows them to communicate with one another on an intuitive level.

It’s a spiritual experience, a feeling which transcends time and space.

The divine masculine spirit is the other half of your soul, which is waiting for you to find him. When you do, your life will change forever.

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