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Affirmations For All 7 Chakras [63 Affirmations]

Your chakras are important energy centers in your body. 

They play a role in determining how you feel, and they can be blocked by negative energy or bad habits. 

Affirmations for the chakras work to clear blockages, open up pathways between them, and bring healing to your body so that you may live your best life possible. 

Keep reading to discover the affirmations that can align your chakras today. 

what is the root chakra?

The Root Chakra is the first chakra in the human body.

It represents a person's connection to the physical world and their sense of stability.

The Root Chakra (also known as Muladhara) is located at ground level, which makes it connected to Earth's energy and stabilizes our moods through grounding us.

In Hinduism, the root chakra is said to be where energy enters and leaves the body.

It connects with our basic needs such as food and shelter.

The color red reflects this by being associated with instinctive emotions that are associated with survival, war, sex, lustful behavior, and physical desires.

signs of root chakra imbalance

1. You are always tired 
2. You have a hard time making decisions 
3. Your relationships are unstable and you feel like your life is out of control 
4. You have no sense of grounding or belonging in the world
5. Low energy, fatigue 
6. Lack of motivation 
7. Poor concentration and focus 
8. Difficulty making decisions 
9. Inability to make healthy choices for oneself

A person who neglects their root chakra will find themselves feeling drained or lacking in vitality. If the root chakra is blocked, you will have trouble maintaining a healthy life.

signs of root chakra opening

1. You are more grounded 
2. You feel less stressed 
3. You have a better connection to the earth and nature
4. Your sense of smell is heightened 
5. You are more in tune with your surroundings 
6. You feel lighter and happier than before 
7. Colors seem brighter to you 
8. Your dreams have changed or become more vivid
9. Less friction in making decisions

A sign of a root chakra opening is when you find yourself willing to take risks.

You start feeling more confident in your abilities and are less afraid of failure, which helps motivate you to push even harder for what you want out of life.

You also feel like there are people who support and believe in you, which gives you the strength and courage to be able to do anything that comes your way!

root chakra affirmations

1. I am safe 
2. My roots are strong and deep 
3. I am grounded in my body and earth
4. I have enough to meet my needs 
5. My life is filled with light, love, and joy
6. I allow myself to feel safe, loved, and supported
7. I am grounded and stable 
8. I have a strong sense of self-worth 
9. I love myself unconditionally

Root chakra affirmations are a great way to start your day. They can also help you at the end of it too, empowering and grounding you for a refreshed and productive tomorrow.

#2. Sacral Chakra

what is the sacral chakra?

The lower chakra is called the sacral chakra.

The word sacral originates from the Latin word "sacra," which means to be set apart or worthy of reverence.

This chakra represents our sexuality, creativity, and emotions, balancing those two qualities with a sense of self-control and discipline.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower back region of your body at about four inches below your navel.

When this area is blocked or closed up it can lead to any number of physical conditions such as low libido, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and menstrual issues such as painful cramps or lack thereof; when open there are many benefits including an increased sexual enjoyment for both partners, increased creativity and emotional balance.

Signs Of sacral Chakra Imbalance

1. Lack of creativity 
2. Feeling drained and exhausted 
3. Difficulty in maintaining relationships with others 
4. Depression or anxiety
5. Low self-esteem 
6. Feeling disconnected from the world around you 
7. Difficulty making decisions
8. Lack of enthusiasm for life 
9. A feeling of being overwhelmed or powerless to change things in your life 

If you struggle with feeling happy or energized, then it could be because the sacral chakra has been out of balance.

It's important to know what can bring your sacral chakra back into harmony and how to maintain this balance for a healthier life.

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, emotions and relationships.

So if you are struggling in any of these areas, try meditating on the color yellow while envisioning a crystal in your belly button.

This will create an opening in your body that will help draw energy from your solar plexus down to the lower region of your body where the sacral chakra resides.

Signs Of sacral Chakra opening

1. You may feel a tingling sensation in your spine 
2. Your sacral chakra is opening when you experience an increase in creativity 
3. You may notice that you are more sensitive to the feelings of others and their needs
4. Your creativity is heightened 
5. You have a renewed sense of self-worth 
6. You're able to take criticism without feeling hurt or defensive
7. Your intuition is stronger than usual 
8. You feel like you can do anything, or that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals 
9. You have a deep sense of peace and contentment inside of you, even when things are going wrong around you

Sacral chakra opens up when trusting your gut and following your dreams.

It is the place where you feel all of life's pleasures, desires, creativity and sensuality.

Blocked sacral chakras can lead to feelings of insecurity, a lack of joy or happiness in one's life.

A fully opened sacral chakra allows for an appreciation for all that is pleasurable in life and each day offers new moments to enjoy these things.

Sacral Chakra affirmations

1. I am a divine being of light and love 
2. My heart is open to all possibilities 
3. I am free from fear and self-doubt 
4. I live in the present moment, with gratitude for everything that surrounds me
5. My body is my temple 
6. I release all fear and negativity from my life 
7. All that I need comes to me easily and effortlessly
8. My sense of self-worth is growing stronger every day 
9. I am a beautiful, unique being

Sacral Chakra affirmations are important for self-love and well-being, as they reinforce the idea that you are valuable. When you feel loved and fulfilled in your life, it is much easier to give love to others. 

#3. Solar Plexus Chakra

what is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is the middle of seven major energy centers in Eastern philosophy.

There are different colors that correspond with each chakra, and this one, in particular, is associated with yellow, orange, or gold.

The color also corresponds to the stomach and digestive system which naturally accommodates this color, but it can be seen as a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

The Solar Plexus Chakra can be seen as a column that connects to all other chakras in the body.

 It also rules over your sense of independence, self-esteem, ego, and general happiness.

The solar plexus or the seat of our emotions is located in the lower abdomen. 

The region includes both major organs, and also an array of nerves, lymph nodes, and blood vessels.

In addition to being a vital part of our digestive system that processes food intake into energy for use throughout the body; it is home to a variety of glands that produce hormones that help regulate various bodily functions including digestion as well as metabolism. 

In order to maintain balance within this delicate region, it's important to take care of not only of what we eat but how we go about eating it.

Eating too quickly leads to over-stimulation and can lead to not only to discomfort but also indigestion later on - taking smaller bites with longer intervals.

Signs Of solar plexus chakra Imbalance

1. Difficulty in communication 
2. Feeling like you are not living your true life purpose
3. You feel that you are not in the right place or time 
4. Your thoughts are scattered and unfocused 
5. Feelings of being in a fog or daze 
6. Lack of enthusiasm for life and work 
7. A feeling that you are not living your best life
8. Irritability and anger 
9. Difficulty sleeping at night

A person whose solar plexus is imbalanced will often have an overactive mind and a lack of emotional control.

They will find it difficult to maintain focus on any given task without getting distracted.

They may also be prone to mood swings that are not as common in people with balanced solar plexuses.

Signs Of solar plexus chakra opening

1. You feel a sense of relief and release 
2. You experience an increased feeling of self-worth 
3. Your confidence increases, along with your ability to assert yourself in difficult situations 
4. You have more energy and stamina than you did before the opening occurred
5. Greater ability to focus and concentrate 
6. More compassion for others 
7. A feeling of being connected to the world at large
8. You feel a sense of lightness and joy 
9. Your stomach is less bloated 

The first sign you'll notice when your solar plexus opens is an increased sense of self-confidence.

You might also experience a strengthened immune system; less irritability; more patience with others; more awareness in life situations; greater ease with change and transitions; less feeling like what's happening to you isn't fair - instead, you may feel empowered by it all because everything happens for a reason!

solar plexus chakra affirmations

1. I am a powerful and confident person 
2. I love myself for who I am 
3. My body is healthy, strong, and beautiful 
4. I have the power to make my dreams come true
5. I am loved 
6. I am worthy of love 
7. I deserve to be happy 
8. I have a lot to offer the world
9. I radiate love and light to all who come near me 

These Solar Plexus affirmations include mantras to help you be more confident in yourself.

From "I am worthy" to "I love myself," these words will remind you that no matter what happens around you- good or bad- YOU ARE WORTH IT!

#4. Heart Chakra

what is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is what allows you to bring your emotions into the present moment, and get in touch with them.

This chakra also controls how we are able to feel empathy for others which can lead us down a path of acceptance.

The heart chakra is often associated with the color green or red.

It is located in between your left and right breasts, around the thymus gland.

This was considered to be a sacred spot for yogis in ancient India.

The heart chakra is also associated with love, empathy, compassion, unselfishness, and generosity.

Those who are lucky enough to have their heart chakra open will feel truly happy all of the time no matter what they go through because everything that happens will be seen as an opportunity for them to learn something new about themselves or someone else.

Signs Of heart chakra Imbalance

1. You feel like you are always on edge 
2. Your mind is racing all the time 
3. You have a hard time concentrating and focusing on one task at a time 
4. You often feel anxious, nervous, or stressed out 
5. You experience feelings of loneliness and isolation
6. You often compare yourself to others and find your flaws more prominent than their strengths 
7. Your relationships suffer because of this, as people with heart chakra imbalance tend to be sensitive and insecure
8. You are easily irritated
9. You feel like you don’t belong anywhere, or that no one understands you

When the color of your heart chakra is too dark, it means you need to brighten up.

When this imbalance occurs, people might start to feel like they are going through a roller coaster emotionally and detach themselves from others.

They can become more isolated because they fear getting hurt or being rejected again.

What's worse is that when someone has an imbalanced heart chakra, they may also experience physical pain in different areas of their body.

It could be chest pains where the person feels as if their rib cage is compressing or even indigestion which causes stomach aches every day after eating.

Signs Of heart chakra opening

1. You may feel more empathy for others 
2. You might be feeling a sense of deep peace and joy 
3. Your intuition is heightened, and you're able to take in information from your environment with greater clarity 
4. You might find yourself being more open-minded about things that you previously found difficult or impossible to understand
5. You are less afraid of the future and your thoughts are more positive 
6. You have a sense that everything will be ok, even when you don't know how things will work out
7. Your relationships with other people improve  
8. You are less judgmental of others 
9. You feel more passionate about life 

The sign of a heart chakra opening is when your feelings become easier to express and manifest themselves in different ways.

For example, maybe you've always felt comfortable expressing yourself through art or writing but now you find that you're also more inclined to give hugs or spend time with friends.

Your feelings are stronger and they make it easier for you to live your best life!

heart chakra affirmations

1. My heart is open and receptive to love
2. I am open to the love that is all around me 
3. I am a magnet for love and light 
4. My heart is full of joy, peace, and happiness 
5. Love surrounds me on every side
6. I release the need for control in order to live a joyful life
7. I have faith in myself and trust what I know deep down inside of me
8. I am open to receive all that life has to offer me
9. My heart is open, my mind is clear, and my spirit soars

Your heart chakra can also be strengthened by repeating these affirmations aloud: "I am open," "I am loved," "I give without wanting anything in return."

These three are a big part of strengthening this chakra -- they can help bring you peace and happiness into your life while opening up those qualities within yourself!

#5. throat Chakra

what is the throat Chakra?

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat and it governs communication, self-expression, and creativity.

It has a strong connection to our ability for verbal expression and it may be blocked if we don't feel safe speaking our truth.

The Throat Chakra is considered to be one of seven major chakras in Hinduism that are aligned along the spine from top to bottom with a corresponding minor chakra below it for each level down as well as two more just above the feet at each end.

For those who work with crystals, this chakra corresponds with amethyst, which helps people speak their truth without fear or regret.

signs of throat Chakra imbalance

1. Coughing or throat clearing 
2. Hoarseness 
3. Difficulty swallowing 
4. Feeling of tightness in the throat area 
5. Dry mouth and/or difficulty with saliva production
6. You feel like you can't speak your mind 
7. You feel like you have a lump in your throat 
8. You often get stomach aches when you speak publicly 
9. Your voice cracks when you sing

Your throat chakra is most commonly associated with communication and creativity.

If you feel like your voice is not heard or that you have a hard time expressing yourself, it may be because the energy has become blocked in your throat chakra.

Some signs of imbalance are hoarseness, sore throats, unexplained headaches near the neck or jaw area, difficulty swallowing, and pain when eating.

signs of throat Chakra opening

1. You have a strong voice 
2. Your throat is no longer sore or dry 
3. You are able to speak your truth more freely and with less fear of judgment 
4. You can say what you mean without being misunderstood 
5. You feel confident in your ability to communicate clearly and effectively
6. Increased self-expression 
7. Your voice has changed or gotten louder 
8. You feel like you're speaking your truth more and more 
9. Your voice has a deeper resonance 

Some common things to look out for include a feeling of heightened energy, increased confidence, and improved communication skills.

Some people might experience a sensation in the back of their head or neck when they engage in activities such as singing or chanting which is also an indication that their throat chakra may have opened up.

Others notice that they can enjoy food items like spicy foods or dairy products without experiencing any negative effects on their throats.

throat Chakra affirmations

1. I am free to express myself 
2. I speak my truth with love and compassion 
3. My voice is powerful, unique, and beautiful 
4. I use my voice to uplift others
5. I speak my truth with love 
6. I am confident in what I say
7. I am safe and secure 
8. My voice is powerful and true
9. I have the right to say no 

The Throat Chakra is the energy center that deals with communication, self-expression, and creativity. It's associated color is blue. The following additional affirmations will help you balance your throat chakra: 

1) I choose to speak up for myself without fear of disapproval 

2) I open my mouth and share my voice more often 

3) I am free in expressing myself verbally or creatively

#6. Third Eye Chakra

what is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is the most powerful of all chakras.

It is located in the center of our brains and it helps us to see what others cannot see. 

The third eye chakra has a deep relationship with intuition and wisdom, as well as truthfulness.

This center controls our creativity and imagination, which allows us to see things from different perspectives not based on reality but rather using creative thoughts that are more imaginative than grounded in real-life situations.

signs of Third Eye Chakra imbalance

1. Headaches 
2. Migraines 
3. Insomnia 
4. Neck pain and stiffness 
5. Dizziness, vertigo, or lightheadedness 
6. Feeling like you're in a fog 
7. Having difficulty concentrating 
8. Trouble remembering things 
9. Feeling spaced out or detached from reality

Third eye chakra imbalances can cause anxiety, depression, and insecurity.

The third eye is the center of intuition and creativity.

When the energy in this area becomes stagnant or blocked it can result in a feeling of being unable to see things clearly.

signs of Third Eye Chakra opening

1. Increased intuition 
2. A feeling of being connected to everything 
3. Seeing auras around people and objects 
4. Dreams become more vivid and meaningful
5. You have an increased sensitivity to light and sound 
6. Your intuition is heightened 
7. You can sense people's moods or feelings before they tell you about them 
8. Your creativity is enhanced
9. You might find yourself talking about spiritual topics with friends or family members who never expressed interest before

A sign of the third eye chakra opening can be a sense of intuition or ESP.

You may not fully understand what is happening, but you know it's real.

Your sixth sense might grow stronger and louder than ever before with this awakening, as your brain becomes more receptive to messages from other realms.

Some people describe their third eye chakra as the seat of creativity and imagination.

Third Eye Chakra affirmations

1. I am the light of my own being 

2. I am a beacon of love and peace 

3. My thoughts are pure, kind, and loving 

4. I release all that no longer serves me

5. I am open to new possibilities 

6. I trust the process of life 

7. I am confident in my abilities and skills 

8. My intuition is strong and reliable

9. My third eye is clear, bright, and receptive

Affirmations are a great way to create feelings of peace even when everything feels chaotic around you.

They're all about how we perceive our external reality.

If nothing seems good, remember that everything has a silver lining—even if it's not easy to see right now.

#7. crown Chakra

what is the crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra is the last of the seven chakras that work in unison to help keep our spiritual and emotional balance.

It is also called Sahasrara in Sanskrit, meaning “Thousand Petaled Lotus” because it has over a thousand tiny petals radiating from its center.

This chakra sits on top of our head like an umbrella sheltering us from anything lower than it and gives us protection from any negative energy or thoughts that we might be having.

The crown chakra helps regulate your sense of self-esteem by giving you a feeling of worthiness and accomplishment which ultimately leads to contentment with what you have accomplished so far in this life as well as all the potential for everything yet to be accomplished.

The crown chakra is a representation of our connection with higher consciousness. 

This means that when this chakra is in alignment, we are able to tap into the universal energy surrounding us and live as authentically as possible.

signs of crown Chakra imbalance

1. Headaches, migraines 
2. Irritability and mood swings 
3. Lack of interest in people or activities you once enjoyed 
4. Feeling disconnected from life's joys and pleasures 
5. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
6. Fear of being alone or abandoned 
7. Lack of self-confidence and worthiness
8. Constantly feeling drained and exhausted 
9. Feeling stuck or stagnant in life

Crown chakra imbalance is often referred to as "poor head."

This can include a lack of mental clarity, chronic negative thinking, and lack of focus.

Imbalanced crown chakras are also associated with problems in the other seven chakras which means that individuals who suffer from this type of imbalance may also experience physical symptoms such as general fatigue and even headaches.

signs of crown Chakra opening

1. You feel more creative and inspired 
2. You are feeling more compassionate for others 
3. Your intuition is stronger than ever before 
4. You have a sense of peace that you never had before
5. You feel more confident 
6. You have a sense of purpose 
7. A feeling of being connected to everything in the world 
8. Feeling like you're on a spiritual journey or awakening your higher self 
9. Seeing colors more vividly than usual

A crown chakra opening is believed to be a sign that the person has attained enlightenment.

Some people believe that when the seventh chakra opens, it releases an energy beam into space that can't be seen with our earthly eyes.

Some say the first sign of a crown chakra opening is feeling a sense of weightlessness and lightness.

There may also be feelings of euphoria, blissful sensations in the body, and altered states of consciousness.

crown Chakra affirmations

1. I have everything that I need to live a good life

2. My thoughts are my own, and no one can read them except myself

3. I am safe in this world

4. I am a Divine being of light, love, and joy 

5. My crown chakra is open and balanced

6. I am whole and complete    

7. My body is a sacred space that deserves to be honored and respected

8. All of my thoughts, words, actions are for the highest good of myself and all others

9. Life flows easily for me now

Crown chakra affirmations are excellent for promoting peace, good health and general well-being.

They also promote a sense of spirituality and contentment in one's life.

Chanting these words can help to generate an aura of positive energy that will surround you wherever you go.

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