I started on my personal development journey in 1993 at age 26. Those first 26 years were pretty rough so I had a lot of work ahead of me if I wanted to live a happy and fulfilling life.

My long daily commutes were spent devouring self help and spiritual books both in print and on audio. My earliest book recollections are Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard and Think and Grow Rich by Earl Nightingale (audio). I was blown away by both books and they are highly recommended. It was if the lightbulb came on and I knew I was on the right path! I can still hear Earls deep rich voice resonating in my hungry ears talking about our personal “Acres of Diamonds” (ie potential). I also read the entire Bible that first year.

My quest for knowledge and the application of that knowledge only grew. And of course in those days, trying to improve oneself wasn’t as hip as it is today. So much so that I was frequently ridiculed and somewhat of an outcast because I no longer had any interest in the superficial pursuits of society.

That wasn’t going to stop me. I was absolutely determined (and still am) to grow and mature as a human being regardless of any negative social consequences.

Then all of the years of abuse to my body showed up in serious illness. Luckily, after getting zero results from conventional medicine, I found the answer to my problems in simple, inexpensive and safe alternative/holistic treatments.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself the owner of a health food store that I helped a friend build. I loved it because we were having a positive impact on people’s lives and I was passionate about natural medicine after healing myself.

I also realized how much I loved being my own boss and doing my work on my terms. The money wasn’t that important especially since I wasn’t making much. 🙂 But the freedom and passion for what I was doing seemed like the golden key.

It was obvious that I would need to understand business if I was going to ditch the rat race and make my living doing what I really enjoyed so I studied some of the best minds in the business such as Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy just to name a few. Then of course I applied that knowledge and guess what? It worked. I found my business, my mind and my fullfilment on an upward trajectory.

I have since sold the store, pursued a quiet life in the country and have made my living with cottage online businesses over the last few years still focused on helping others and continuing my personal development.

After 23 years of my own personal development I realized it was time to share what I’ve learned along the way and so was born SelfHelpDude.com.
Hopefully, you will find value in what I have to share.

The main things I have learned through it all are:

1. Do what you love and serve and the rest will take care of itself.
2. Knowledge is worthless without the application of that knowledge.
3. Don’t take life too seriously!
4. Its about the journey, not the destination and the journey never ends…..

If there’s anything I can do to help you on your journey, CLICK HERE and I’ll do my best.

Much success,

Paul Ladendorf, The Self Help Dude